Darren Keno – Senior Site Supervisor

Darren is currently a Senior Supervisor working on the Albany Ring Road project in Albany, Western Australia.

I love working with a good group of people who collaborate well to get the job done and deliver good project outcomes.

I qualified as a builder in New Zealand and worked for 15 years in civil construction before coming over to Australia. I joined Decmil in 2012, where I started as a Supervisor working on the FMG Rail Camp 25A project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. I then went on to work on the construction of a new rail car workshop and amenities building at FMG’s Thomas Yard, and then the new Locomotive Facility and Administration Centre at Kanyirri site.

After 4 years working on various Roy Hill Non-Process Infrastructure projects, I was promoted to Senior Supervisor.

I have worked on many different types of projects throughout my career at Decmil. I was involved in the Mount Webber Permanent Accommodation Village for Atlas Iron, as well as Non-Process Infrastructure and road construction work for Atlas Iron. I worked on the non-process infrastructure package for Rio Tinto at Nammuldi and Silvergrass where we completed three separable portions of work; the Nammuldi Central Mine Services, the SGE Mine Services Area and the TLO Fire Water Upgrade. I worked on BHP’s Mulla Mulla Village Expansion project where we increased the capacity of the camp from 500 rooms to 3,000 rooms.

I’ve also worked on the Warradarge Wind Farm Project and Yandin Wind Farm Project where we were responsible for delivering the Balance of Plant works.

I am passionate about what I do, and love what I do. I am a hands on supervisor and enjoy working on site on different projects. I love working at Decmil as we have such a great team of core people whom I have been working with over the years. As a Senior Supervisor I enjoy mentoring new team members and encouraging them to do their best. In a team we all have various skills and capabilities that complement the team’s efforts, and I enjoy leading my team members to achieve their best on a project.

There is nothing better than pouring your heart and soul into a project, and seeing it being built from the ground up whilst ensuring that it is 100% compliant with project requirements. It is a great achievement to be able to say that I am very proud of what I have built.

Together, we’re the difference.

Together, we’re Decmil.