Dickie Dique – CEO

Dickie is the current Chief Executive Officer of Decmil Group. He has previously held the positions of Managing Director of Decmil Australia and Chief Operating Officer for Decmil Group.

Working in the construction industry provides for a very fulfilling career as we get to work with wonderful people on projects that we can be proud of, leaving a tangible legacy for future generations

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa, but grew up on our family farm in the northern parts of the country. I went to Pretoria Boy’s High School and then completed a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management in 1992.

I wanted to join our family construction business, but could not get agreement from my parents, who insisted I had to find my own way, so I started working for a competitor of theirs as a student in 1989. I progressed through the ranks there, and in 1992 my parents approached me to join their business. I accepted and worked in the family business until my wife, Lynn, and I emigrated to Australia in 2001.

Lynn and I met in 1987 and eventually got married in 1993. Connor was born in South Africa and Ami in Australia (just after we emigrated), although Connor sounds far more Australian than Ami does!!

After we emigrated, I joined FCL Construction (sub-contract brick / block layer) and worked for them for a few months. We were doing work for Consolidated Constructions at the time and I was approached by their Construction Manager to join them as a CA, which I did in 2002. I worked with Consolidated in various roles including Contracts Administrator, Project Manager, Construction Manager and stand-in General Manager. In 2004 I joined Decmil and worked there until 2011. I then joined Pindan Contracting for a few years, and re-joined Decmil in late 2018.

As the current CEO of Decmil, my goal is to create a sustainable business for employees to enjoy working in, for our local communities to benefit from and to generate positive earnings for our shareholders.

Lynn and I have always been very sporty, spending most of our free time running marathons, water skiing, snow skiing, playing tennis / squash / badminton and enjoying the occasional golf game. Prior to emigrating I was involved in competitive martial arts and even ran our “dojo” for about 8 years. In contrast to all of this, I thoroughly enjoy photography and in particular landscape photography.

Other than my work, my current passion is working on our property, getting back into some longer distance running and supporting Lynn with her equestrian endeavours.

Together, we’re the difference.

Together, we’re Decmil.