Diversity & Inclusion

This is an exciting time for Decmil, one of change and growth. This growth is possible through expanding our culture of diversity and inclusiveness. To meet the challenges of the future we are committed to ensuring that our workplace reflects the clients we serve and the communities we work in.

A diverse and inclusive culture ensures our people feel valued, respected and have access to equal opportunities. This supports full participation and productivity at work whilst unlocking new perspectives and ways of solving problems to generate creativity and innovation, producing more sustainable and effective outcomes for everyone.

We are committed to increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation across our business and acknowledge the value that this adds to our business. We develop partnerships and initiatives with local communities to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation.

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan supports our commitment to reconciliation efforts. Our Reconciliation Action Plan has been developed to make a positive difference to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the areas of employment and economic development, and to enhance cultural understanding and acceptance within our workforce and industry.

View our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan here.