Roads & Bridges

Decmil has successfully delivered complex infrastructure projects in some of the most remote regions in Australia. Our experience includes providing integrated transport solutions such as major roads, bridges, railway networks and airports.

Our expertise includes high quality construction, fabrication and civil works across the project lifecycle. We have experience across all areas of transportation infrastructure projects of varying scope and complexity. We have constructed major highway projects including complex interchange designs and have constructed various bridges and bridge widenings.

Minimising disruption and delays to regional freight transport is essential. Our thorough understanding of the traffic management demands, such as effective queue management, transit times, and safely setting out and protecting work areas, drives our efficient and effective staging and execution planning.

Our bridge construction capabilities include single span and multiple span bridges, suspension bridges, road over rail bridges, bridge rehabilitation, bridge deconstruction, pedestrian bridges, bridge maintenance and repair.

We understand how to manage the logistical challenges of sourcing compliant bulk materials, construction water, skilled labour, appropriate equipment, and specialist trades within a commercially viable distance from site.

Decmil’s reliance on reducing, re-using and recycling waste materials is an important part of our logistics strategy, better equipping our team to meet the challenges of delivering remote, regional projects.

Delivering solutions.

We are committed to outstanding project management and delivery regardless of the scale or the intricacy of the work.