Tahiti Fuel Storage Tanks


Polypetroles et Shell




Design and Construct

Contract Value


Start Date

August 2002

Completion Date

December 2003
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Decmil was awarded a contract to design and construct 2 new 39m diameter 12m high fuel storage tanks in Tahiti.

The works included:

  • Tank design to API 650
  • Offsite fabrication at our Brisbane workshop and delivery to Tahiti
  • Site construction of the two tanks and interconnecting piping
  • Painting
  • Hydrotest and calibration

The project location provided several challenges including a single access route with no means of emergency evacuation if there was an issue in the other parts of the fuel terminal. Decmil overcame this issue by providing a small boat as a secondary means of evacuation in the case of an incident.

Decmil engaged a significant portion of the project’s workforce from the local community, providing upskilling opportunities for residents. Several local employees have since become long term employees of Decmil with one now working as a site manager.

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