Ali Mosalla – Senior Planner

Ali Mosalla, our Senior Planner has an impressive career background and a commitment to excellence that we value here at Decmil.

I enjoy working across Decmil’s diverse range of construction projects and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with a team of exceptionally talented individuals across various departments.

After achieving a double degree in Civil and Structural Engineering, Ali embarked on his professional career as a graduate site engineer. Over his career Ali has accumulated extensive experience across a wide range of sectors, including Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, and Construction. His diverse background has equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle complex projects with precision and ingenuity.

Joining Decmil in March 2022, Ali has been involved in several noteworthy projects that have showcased his versatility and ability to deliver results. From the Mitchell Freeway PSP Project to the Port Hedland Community Centre, Pundulmurra TAFE, Karratha Senior High School, and Talison, Ali has consistently demonstrated his commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

When asked about his experience working at Decmil, Ali’s enthusiasm is palpable. He finds immense satisfaction in the company’s diverse range of construction projects, which span from wind farms to structurally intricate bridges and efficient mining camps. For Ali, each day presents new rewards and challenges, driving him to push the boundaries of his capabilities. Furthermore, his work allows him to explore the breathtaking corners of Western Australia, an opportunity he cherishes as a “once in a lifetime” experience.

One of the highlights of Ali’s time at Decmil has been the opportunity to collaborate with a team of exceptionally talented individuals across various departments. He recognises that the company’s success is built on the collective expertise and commitment of its employees. This collaborative and innovative environment has enabled Ali to continuously grow and thrive as a professional.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ali brings a vibrant and well-rounded personality to the team. In his younger years, he showcased his competitive spirit and love for adventure by winning medals in Alpine skiing. These days, when he’s not busy conquering construction challenges, you can find Ali enjoying his downtime as an avid Netflix watcher. Additionally, his passion for the “proper round ball game on a rectangular pitch” (football) is unwavering, further exemplifying his dedication and enthusiasm in all aspects of life.

Ali Mosalla’s journey at Decmil represents the essence of excellence and passion in the construction industry. His profound expertise, unwavering dedication, and vibrant personality make him an invaluable asset to our team.

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