Health & Safety

Health and Safety are key components for achieving operational excellence, and Safety is a fundamental guiding principle for everything we do.

The Health and Safety of every employee is foremost in everything we do. In pursuit of our goal of Zero Harm, Decmil is about more than simple compliance. Every day we plan and act to ensure the safety of our people and the public.

Decmil maintains high health and safety standards and applies training and control measures to maintain our high safety performance on all of our projects. We operate a Health and Safety Management system that is accredited by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) and OHSAS 18001.

Our Safety Foundations

Decmil’s Safety Foundations have been established after a review of common trends with actual and high potential incidents reported in the business.

They support our objective of achieving a working environment that is free from injury or incident by providing a set of clear, simple rules to eliminate these risks. They provide absolute clarity about what is expected when conducting work activities that could result in serious injury or fatality.

Decmil’s ‘Safety Foundations’ are mandatory and must be in place before the activities covered by these rules can proceed. However, they do not cover all operational risks, nor do they replace Decmil risk management processes.

Our Critical Risk Program

Decmil’s Critical Risk Program sets out the minimum requirements to manage health and safety critical risks in our business. They have been identified and developed from our organisation’s operational experience, and that of our industry, in response to events that have had the potential to result in life threatening injury or catastrophic consequence.

Our Safety Culture – SHIELD Program

Our projects are delivered within a culture of safety. This commitment, driven by our people, processes and systems all work within our safety program, SHIELD (Safety and Health In Every Level at Decmil) which is recognised by Safe Work Australia. Since its implementation, this program has resulted in significant incident rate reductions across our business operations.

SHIELD challenges individuals to manage their safety and the welfare of the people they work and interact with. SHIELD empowers our people to make safe decisions in and out of the workplace, motivating and rewarding safe behaviours at all times. SHIELD ensures we can all enjoy what matters most in life.