Health & Education

We design and construct educational facilities that provide positive learning environments and enrich the student’s learning experience.

We provide expert in-house planning, programming, phasing, architectural and engineering design, and project management services that are critical to the success of educational facilities.

Our education solutions include smart and affordable prefabricated building systems, custom designed education precincts, outdoor learning areas, extensions and refurbishments.

We are committed to creating the best user-centred healthcare facilities for patients, staff and visitors alike.

We have delivered a variety of Health projects, from small aged care facilities through to larger scale projects in remote areas of Australia and offshore locations for both private and resource sector clients.

With specialist in-house design management and delivery teams, Decmil has the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver health projects.

Our team of experts ensure that the design is practical, innovative and cost effective in addition to meeting the expectations of all stakeholders involved.

We also have the capability to offer an innovative modular solution that allows for standardisation of core components which results in accelerated delivery, high quality and ensures the most economical solution is provided.

Delivering solutions.

We are committed to outstanding project management and delivery regardless of the scale or the intricacy of the work.