Non-Process Infrastructure

With civil, structural and mechanical experience, Decmil is well equipped to deliver works for large, complex civil construction projects.

We provide a large range of non-process infrastructure including design and construction of control rooms, substations, rail and vehicle workshops, warehouses, supply bases, administration buildings, fuel and lube facilities, laboratories and sample preparation buildings and fabrication and plant maintenance workshops.

We offer bulk and detailed earthworks; bulk concrete including foundations, walls and structures; construction of Haul and Access roads; in-ground services including stormwater, HV/LV electrical and communications; GRE piping; retaining structures and process watering and dewatering.

We expertly manage all areas of non-process infrastructure and light industrial projects, including structural, steel, portal framing, electrical and mechanical components.

We are experienced in Greenfields and Brownfields environments. We work in some of the most remote and harsh climatic regions around Australia and understand what is required for successful project delivery in these challenging conditions and environments.

With a strong local and long-term presence in many remote regions in Australia we have established a strong reputation in regional communities and understand the requirements of these communities.

Delivering solutions.

We are committed to outstanding project management and delivery regardless of the scale or the intricacy of the work.