Mayne Yard DLP Relocation Works


Queensland Rail


Bowen Hills, QLD


Design and Construct

Contract Value

$5.2 Million

Start Date

April 2020

Completion Date

June 2021
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In April 2020 Decmil was awarded the Design and Construction Contract to deliver the DLP Relocation works inside Queensland Rail’s Mayne Yard Facility at Bowen Hills.

The existing facility, situated in the Diesel Locomotive Provisioning shed (DLP) in Mayne Yard East, was deconstructed as part of the Cross River Rail Upgrade. The relocation provided Diesel, Oil and Sand to the north east corner of the Travel train Rolling stock Maintenance shed (TRM) on Road 29 D. The Diesel tank outside of the TRM shed was removed and upgraded and the oil and sanding systems were installed in the open area to the North of the TRM alongside and to the West of Road 29 D.

The team successfully delivered this project, which included the challenging installation of micro piles inside a brownfields operational area with height and width limitations of:

  • 4.3m overhead powerlines
  • 3.5m width access constraints
  • Installation directly adjacent to live rail lines and operational buildings.

The scope of works included project management, supervision, design, engineering, fabrication, supply, surface treatment, transportation, unloading, storage, construction and commissioning, liaison with all responsible authorities and acquisition of all required permits of the facilities as listed:

  • Relocation of existing facilities; relocation of demountable buildings (K Block)
  • Removal of existing facilities; 33kL bulk storage diesel tank
  • Installation of new plant; sanding system, lube oil bulk storage tank and diesel bulk storage tank
  • Extension of existing facilities; ventilation exhaust fans and canopies and additional water dispensing points
  • Onsite accommodation; extension of internal office building.

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