Our aim is to make a broad and meaningful contribution to the communities we operate in by engaging in activities such as charity events, corporate friendships, charity partnerships, volunteering and donating. 

In addition to providing local employment and service opportunities, we support a range of ongoing initiatives that help create healthy, vibrant and cohesive communities.

Project Based Initiatives

Decmil is always looking for ways to engage with and improve the communities in which we operate. This is particularly the case in remote areas where our projects are based.
Our social responsibility mandate ensures that every project we undertake has a core component that focuses on giving back to local communities.
Over the years Decmil people have undertaken a range of activities and initiatives including organised charity events, upgrades to community and social infrastructure and the donation of sporting equipment and educational supplies.

Staff Charity Events

At Decmil we encourage staff-driven events and activities along with volunteering opportunities. Our key areas of focus are mental well being, indigenous engagement and the environment. Other considerations are charities and fundraising events that have special importance to members of our Decmil family.