Privacy Policy


1.1  Protecting your privacy is very important to Decmil. Decmil is committed to ensuring that when it collects and uses Personal Information provided to it, it does so in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act). This Privacy Policy details how we collect, use and disclose Personal Information provided to us by visitors to and users of our website.

In this privacy policy:

(1)  “Personal Information” means information or an opinion about an individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information or opinion is true or not and whether the information is recorded in material form or not; and

(2)  “Decmil”, “we” and “us” means Decmil Group Ltd and its related bodies corporate.

(3)  This policy applies to any person for whom we currently hold, or from whom we may in the future collect Personal Information. This policy does not apply to current or past employees.

1.2  Other websites may be accessible via hyperlinks from the Decmil website. Please note that these websites are not subject to this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of each individual website you access via hyperlinks from this website and assess whether the privacy policy of each website is satisfactory to you before you use the other websites.

1.3  We may also provide professional and social media features that enable you to share information with your professional and social networks and interact with Decmil on professional and social media websites. Your use of these features could lead to the collection or sharing of information about you. Those professional and social media websites are not subject to this Privacy Policy and we encourage you to review the privacy policy of each professional and social media website with which you interact, to assess whether those policies are satisfactory to you in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of information by those websites.


2.1 Site visit data we may collect

(1) Decmil collects certain standard information that is sent by your browser to our website. This includes your IP address, access time, your type of browser and operating system used and any referring website addresses. This information may be collected for statistical purposes. Decmil will not attempt to identify users from their browsing activities.

(2) This website uses tracking technologies called “cookies”. Cookies are small data files that this website may write to your hard drive when you visit. Decmil uses cookies for record keeping purposes and to enhance this website. You may set your browser to refuse cookies.

2.2  Other Personal Information we may collect

(1)  In general, we will only use or disclose your Personal Information for the purposes for which you have disclosed it to us. However, we may also use or disclose your Personal Information where this is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious threat to life, health, or safety, or as required or authorised by law.

(2)  At times Decmil may ask you to voluntarily supply Personal Information to assist in managing our relationship with you.

(3)  If, on our website, you request to receive information from Decmil, we will keep a record of your email address, and any other information you provide, for the purposes for which you provide that information. We will not disclose your Personal Information without your consent, unless required or authorised by law.

(4)  Our website also invites applications for employment opportunities to be submitted via our employment opportunity website, In addition to the Personal Information you provide in your application, Personal Information may be collected from third parties (for example former employers and clients) for the purpose of considering you for an employment opportunity with Decmil. By submitting an application, you consent to our use of the information to access your application and to allow us to carry out any monitoring activities which may be required under applicable law as an employer. We may provide your information to academic institutions, recruiters, screening desk providers, professional and trade associations, law enforcement agencies, referees and your current and previous employers. Further information regarding how Decmil collect, use and disclose your Personal Information in connection with applications for employment are provided on our employment opportunity website.

(5)   Our website also provides portal access to the Subcontractors, Suppliers and Consultants online system (SSC), which enables subcontractors, suppliers and consultants to receive information, find out about tenders and access important documents, In addition to information you provide on the SSC system, Personal Information may be collected from third parties for the purpose of considering you for an opportunity with Decmil. Further information regarding how we collect, use and disclose your Personal Information in connection with tender opportunities with Decmil are provided on our SSC system.

(6)  It may become necessary at some stage for us to disclose your Personal Information to an overseas recipient (for example, to a third party contractor based overseas).

(7)  Before doing so we will endeavour to take reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient does not breach relevant APPs or the Privacy Act in relation to the information, or otherwise:

(a)  be reasonably satisfied that they are subject to a law or binding scheme that has the effect of protecting the information in a way that, overall, is at least substantially similar to the way in which the APPs protect the information and there are mechanisms you can access to take action to enforce that protection of the law or binding scheme,

(b)  obtain your consent to the disclosure (after informing you that the overseas recipient will or may not be required to comply with the APPs);or

(c)  be satisfied that the disclosure would not otherwise breach the APPs.


3.1   Decmil will take reasonable steps to protect Personal Information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure. Those reasonable steps may include:

(1)  providing our staff with training regarding privacy issues;

(2) implementing procedures regarding the collection and handling of private information;

(3) reviewing our compliance with our legal obligations regarding privacy;

(4) implementing measures to keep the Personal Information we collect safe and secure, including using unique usernames and passwords on systems on which Personal Information is stored electronically, and using security cards to sites at which Personal Information is stored in hardcopy; and

(5) appointing a Privacy Officer to administer and monitor our obligations and any complaints or applications regarding privacy matters.

3.2 In limited circumstances, it may be possible for you to use a pseudonym or remain anonymous when dealing with us. If you wish to use a pseudonym or remain anonymous you should notify us when first making enquiries or providing us with instructions. We will use our best endeavors to comply with that request, subject to our professional obligations and our ability to provide services without using your real name. In most cases, our professional obligations will require us to deal with you using your real name.


4.1  How to request access to your Personal Information

(1) You may request access to any of the Personal Information we hold about you by contacting our Privacy Officer (details below). For detailed requests for access to Personal Information a fee may be charged to cover the cost of retrieval and the supply of this information to you. All requests for access to Personal Information will be handled as quickly as possible.

(1)  Please note that we are not always required to provide you with access to your Personal Information on request. We may refuse you access to Personal Information in a number of circumstances, such as where giving access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other people, where denying access is required or authorised by law, or where the request for access is regarded as frivolous or vexatious. If we deny your request for access to your Personal Information we will explain why.

4.2   How to request correction of your Personal Information

You may request that we correct any of the Personal Information which we hold about you by contacting our Privacy Officer (details below). If we refuse your request, we will tell you in writing why we have done so, as well as the mechanisms which are available to you to complain about our refusal and anything else of which we are required to inform you.


Unless required by law we do not collect data relating to:

(1)          Race or ethnic origin;

(2)          Political Opinion;

(3)          Religious or philosophical beliefs;

(4)          Trade union membership;

(5)          Genetic or biometric data;

(6)          Mortality; or

(7)          Sexual orientation.


6.1  If you are a resident of the European Union for the purposes of the GDPR then in addition to the above the following also applies to you.

6.2  If requested by you we will provide you free of charge, and within 30 days of the request the following information:

(1)   What Personal Information pertaining to you is being processed;

(2)  Why the Personal Information is being processed;

(3)  Who has access to your Personal Information;

(4)  How the Personal Information is being used in automated decisions (if relevant); and

(5)  What processes are using the Personal Information.

6.3  Amend your Data

(1)  You may request that we update, correct, delete or remove any obsolete data that we hold. If you make such a request we will, to the extent required by law, comply with your request within 30 days of the request being made.

(2)  You may also withdraw your consent to us using your Personal Information.


7.1  Requests for access or correction

(1)  If you wish to access or correct your Personal Information please contact our Privacy Officer at

(2)  You may also telephone our Head Office on (08) 9368 8877 within usual business hours or by sending a letter to:

(3)  Craig Amos Decmil Group Limited PO Box 1233 Osborne Park WA 6916

7.2 Complaints

(1)  If you believe that Decmil has not protected your Personal Information as set out in this Privacy Policy or has breached your privacy rights in any way, you may lodge a complaint with us by contacting our Privacy Officer (details above). We will promptly provide written acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint, investigate it (and let you know if we require any further information from you in order to do so) and will endeavour to provide a substantive written response to the complaint within a reasonable time.

(2)  If you are not satisfied with the response to your request for access or correction or complaint you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner: by telephoning 1300 363 992 (or + 61 2 9284 9749 if calling from outside Australia) by fax to (02) 9284 9666, by emailing, or by writing to:

(3 Director of Compliance Office of the Australian Information Commissioner GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2001


8.1   You accept that your use of this website indicates your acceptance of the contents of this Privacy Policy and our disclaimer below.

8.2   Please note that the contents of this Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. You should regularly check this Privacy Policy to ensure that you have the latest version.