APLNG Spring Gully Pre-Assembled Units


Origin Energy


Surat Basin, QLD


Fixed Price Lump Sum

Contract Value


Start Date

January 2014

Completion Date

February 2015
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Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) are developing options to enable the coal seam gas (CSG) that is produced from their Southwest Queensland gas plant assets, to be transported through the APLNG pipeline to Gladstone in North Queensland.

The Spring Gully Pipeline Compression Facility (PCF) is to be constructed in close proximity to the existing Spring Gully Gas Plant. Decmil was responsible for the provision of all equipment, materials, consumables and services necessary to shop detail, supply, fabricate, pre-assemble, factory acceptance testing and pre-commission 9 Pre-Assembled Units (PAUs), up to 40-tonnes each. Works also involved inter-connecting pipe, stick built structural steel and associated equipment for the PCF.

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