Mayne Rail Complex Upgrade


Queensland Rail


Brisbane, Queensland



Contract Value

$5.7 Million

Start Date

September 2016

Completion Date

March 2017

The project is across three of the Mayne yard major workshop facilities. The facilities are the TRM, Drop Pit shed and the ELP area including the Wash down shed.

The scope of works included:

  • Upgrade of the sheds to address Health and Safety requirements including new structural walkways;
  • General and task lighting for existing and new areas;
  • Mechanical air extraction system in the TRM, Drop Pit and ELP area including Wash-down shed;
  • Install of vacuum sewer system in the TRM shed;
  • Installation of a sanding system complete with new Sand Silo feeding a hopper and reticulated with a compressed air system;
  • Fueling provisioning – installation of a 50,000 litre self bunded fuel tank complete with associated pump and controls, this includes pipework from the fuel tank to the locomotive refueling connection points in the wash-down shed and pollution control measures;
  • Compressor oil provisioning – installation of a bunded area to allow for engine oil drums;
  • Engine oil provisioning – installation of a 5,000 litre self bunded tank complete with associated pumps, controls and pipework;
  • Water provisioning – provide a retract hose to be used to top up potable water on the locomotives;
  • Trade waste and stormwater drainage as required; and
  • Slab/structure or similar as required to support all of the above.

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