Perenjori BESS

The BESS will provide two hours of backup power supply in islanded mode to Perenjori customers in the event of loss of normal network supply.

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Western Power


Perejori, Wheatbelt, Western Australia


Design, Construction & Maintain

Contract Value

$1.6 Million

Start Date

June 2016

Completion Date

March 2017

Decmil and joint venture partner Balance Utility Group were awarded a contract to supply, install and maintain a fully functional, utility scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) connected to Western Power’s 33kV distribution network.

The scope of works included:

  • Integration studies;
  • Detailed design;
  • Supply;
  • Construction;
  • Transport to site;
  • Site preparation;
  • Installation; and
  • Commissioning and servicing of the system after commissioning.

Perenjori is supplied by a 33kV long rural distribution feeder. In recent years, Perenjori customers have experienced lower reliability of supply than most customers within the Western Power’s network. The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) will alleviate the poor reliability of supply experienced by customers in Perenjori.

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