Iv Srsen – National Asset & Plant Manager

Iv is our National Asset & Plant Manager and recently reached an impressive milestone – his 25-year work anniversary!

Working in the construction industry provides opportunities and, exposure to a variety of major works and equipment. I enjoy the personal aspects of my role as well as the need for constant adaptation.

People are, and will always be, our most valuable asset. It’s truly inspiring to witness individuals like Iv, who have devoted a quarter of a century to Decmil. Iv began his career with Decmil 25 years ago when he was employed as a field diesel mechanic, providing assistance in the maintenance of the plant fleet for different projects. His demonstration of exemplary work ethic, technical expertise, and interpersonal skills has propelled him to the position of National Asset & Plant Manager in Melbourne.

Iv was always interested in the mechanical aspects of cars from a young age, so he embarked on a heavy stream Diesel Mechanic apprenticeship at 16 years old. Whilst completing his trade, Iv received his first employment opportunity to work in the workshop servicing civil construction equipment. He then was transferred to work for Cut & Fill (acquired by Decmil in 2016) where he started in the workshop, moving on to provide field service for a number of years before transitioning to running the workshop and maintaining all assets. He has recently taken on the role as National Asset & Plant Manager.

Over the last 25 years, Iv’s contributions and skills have significantly influenced the workshop’s success. His expertise in plant and equipment has been indispensable, playing a vital role in the workshop’s operations and project teams’ achievements. IV focuses on delivering service-driven solutions for all project needs, including plant site vehicles, construction equipment, and the facilitation of logistic requirements.

Iv excels in maintaining a positive attitude across all organisational levels and demonstrates strong teamwork skills.  Iv is known for his attributes, as demonstrated by his excellent collaborative relationship with project teams and his constant willingness to assist others.

Iv comments that Decmil has provided him with opportunities to grow and expand his role within the company. Iv says, “The team aspect in my role is something I enjoy, especially since communication is essential across various sites, management, and within my team, which brings me personal satisfaction. Working for Decmil allows me to enjoy both social and professional aspects.”

Iv’s 25 years of continuous employment is a significant milestone to achieve. Iv mentions that he has seen a lot of changes in the industry throughout his career. He is particulary proud of his personal achiements in his career, from contributing to the expansion of the plant responsibilities, and most recently being promoted to a national role as National Asset & Plant Manager.  Iv says that he has made some great friends and has established sound working relationships within the industry over the years.

Iv says, “Working in the construction industry provides opportunities, exposure to a variety of major works and equipment. My role’s personal aspects and requirement for constant adaptation are what I enjoy.”

In his spare time Iv enjoys water sports and snow skiing. He spends as much time as possible with his family down the beach and up in the snow fields. Iv has a passion for travel and takes pleasure in planning his next overseas holiday. He’s also looking forward to Carlton being the premiers for 2024!

Together, we’re the difference.

Together, we’re Decmil.