Jessie Mendygral – Senior Environmental and Sustainability Advisor

Jessie is a Senior Environmental and Sustainability Advisor based in Decmil’s Melbourne office.

The collaborative and supportive environment has enabled me to thrive and make meaningful contributions to Decmil’s success.

Jessie’s path into the construction industry began after studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Wollongong, equipping her with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle complex environmental challenges. After moving to Melbourne in 2018, Jessie worked on several projects as an Environmental Advisor including the Ballarat Line Upgrade, Metro Tunnel Project, Southern Program Alliance, Frankston Line Upgrade and the Hurstbridge Line Upgrade, further expanding her skill set and knowledge in the industry.

In April 2022, Jessie’s impressive track record and dedication led her to join Decmil, where she has continued to make significant contributions. Notably, she has played a crucial role in the T4 Structures Rehabilitation Project and the Ison Rd TOC project. Her expertise in environmental and sustainability matters has been invaluable in ensuring that these projects adhere to the highest standards of environmental stewardship.

Jessie’s enthusiasm for the construction industry stems from its dynamic nature and the unique challenges each project presents. She appreciates the opportunity to constantly learn and grow, both from the job itself and from the diverse team of consultants and colleagues she collaborates with. Jessie finds fulfillment in witnessing the transformation of project areas and the tangible results of her work.

Jessie’s journey in the construction industry is a testament to her passion for environmental engineering and her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact.

For those embarking on a construction career, Jessie offers some valuable advice. Firstly, she emphasises the importance of acknowledging when you don’t have an immediate answer and taking the initiative to find the information required.

Jessie wholeheartedly praises the exceptional team she has the privilege of working with. The collaborative and supportive environment has enabled her to thrive and make meaningful contributions to the organisation’s success.

Outside of her professional accomplishments, Jessie enjoys spending her spare time with her beloved Cavoodle named Spencer. She finds solace in hiking small hills and indulges in the tranquillity of kayaking. During summer, she actively participates in social touch footy in Parkville, and she contemplates joining an indoor soccer team in the near future.

Jessie’s unwavering dedication, passion for environmental engineering, and collaborative spirit make her an outstanding member of our team. Her journey in the construction industry, from her educational background to her impactful contributions, serves as an inspiration to all.

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