Leon Tran – Construction Manager

Leon is a Construction Manager at Decmil currently working on the Structures Rehabilitation Program in Melbourne, Victoria.

“Construction has it’s challenges, but the hard work is worth it when you get to look back and see what you have achieved.”

Leon has always had a keen interest in building and infrastructure which led him to studying a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at RMIT. After working on several road and rail projects across Melbourne, as well as a stint up in Darwin on the LNG projects, Leon joined the Decmil team in June 2019.

It is with Decmil that Leon has demonstrated his talent for complex problem solving and Project Management and where he has worked on both the Plenty Road Stage Two and the Gippsland Line Upgrade Projects.

Now on the Structures Rehabilitation Program, Leon’s skills are put to the test as he and the team achieved 11 occupations this year under tight working timeframes and precision programming requirements.

Leon enjoys the challenges involved with working in the construction industry, which is why he has put his expertise and experience to use by mentoring young future engineers needing practical advice and knowledge on the ground. It is a given that putting together spreadsheets, forecasts and plans are a given in the life of an engineer, but dealing with a multitude of stakeholders with competing priorities and needs is wherein the real challenges lie; challenges which Leon thrives upon.

Leon’s approach to providing a holistic approach to engineering and project management helps enthusiastic graduates build the foundations required to be successful in their future careers.

Leon attributes the passion for his role with Decmil’s commitment to its people, which has provided him with the opportunities to prove himself and progress up the ranks as one of the businesses’ youngest Construction Managers.

Now that the borders are open, Leon hopes to have a well-deserved break after back-to-back occupations this year and head to Thailand where he trains in Muay Thai (AKA Thai Boxing) competitions. When he is not trying to kick the daylights out of his opponent, Leon likes to keep active by taking daily runs at Albert Park or playing futsal with his mates. On a chill day you can find him fishing with his Dad and Brother on Port Phillip bay or having a few quiet ones while watching the Bombers or Liverpool FC on the tele.

Together, we’re the difference.

Together, we’re Decmil.