Liam Manzi – IT Systems Administrator

Liam Manzi is an invaluable member of the Decmil team, working as an IT Systems Administrator in our Perth office.

I value the opportunities that Decmil has provided for my personal growth and professional development. I appreciate that individual contributions are recognised within Decmil and love the family-like camaraderie of the Decmil team.

Based in our Perth head office, Liam is an IT Systems Administrator who works alongside Decmil’s IS&T team. Liam’s role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including network and system administration, server and data management, user support and troubleshooting, security and data protection, software and application management, and IT documentation and reporting. With his expertise, Liam ensures the seamless operation of Decmil’s IT infrastructure, an essential element in driving the success of our organisation.

Liam’s journey into the construction industry began with a unique twist. It was through his previous employer’s association with Decmil, providing managed IT services to support the Decmil IT Team, that Liam found his place within the construction sector. His initial foray into the IT industry occurred in January 2017, when he accepted a temporary job that involved handling phone calls and logging IT support requests. Prior to this experience, he pursued his passion for information technology by studying a Certificate II and IV in Information Technology, as well as a Certificate III in Digital Multimedia. Although formal education played a role, Liam attributes much of his expertise to the hands-on experience gained through personal interests and hobbies, which were further nurtured by his best friend’s family operating a local computer shop and the encouragement he received from his eldest brother.

Liam officially joined Decmil in June 2019 as a full-time employee, but his dedication and aptitude had already been recognised earlier. In January 2018, he demonstrated his skills and commitment while serving as a desktop support professional in the Perth Office, making a notable impact through a contract with a managed IT services company. Since then, Liam has been an integral part of various projects at Decmil, including Decmil’s Reid Highway Upgrade project, Albany Ring Road project, and several projects at mine sites in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. In his role, he visits construction sites to establish and adjust site communications, offering crucial support to the project crews.

Liam says that he values the opportunities provided by Decmil for personal growth and professional development and is appreciative of the company’s recognition of individual contributions. These opportunities have allowed him to continually enhance his IT skills and deepen his understanding of how technology can be effectively applied in both corporate and construction settings. Furthermore, Liam cherishes the sense of camaraderie within the Decmil team, which fosters a family-like atmosphere—a factor that has always been important to him throughout his working life.

For Liam, working in the construction industry brings a unique blend of challenges that fuel his desire to learn and grow. His advice to those embarking on a career in construction or IT is to embrace continuous learning and improvement. Staying up to date with industry trends and emerging technologies is crucial. Liam also emphasises the paramount importance of prioritising safety.

For individuals considering a career in IT, he encourages them to cultivate a passion for problem-solving, maintain curiosity, and actively seek practical experience to augment their knowledge base. While formal education and certifications can certainly contribute to one’s qualifications, Liam believes that hands-on experience is the most valuable asset.

In terms of personal highlights, Liam fondly recalls receiving the Excellence Award in 2019, an achievement that resonated deeply with him. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who considered him for this accolade, and he remains committed to upholding the high standards that led to his recognition.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Liam enjoys spending his spare time at home with his pets, indulging in video games, and immersing himself in his favourite entertainment shows while enjoying a refreshing beer. Occasionally, he likes to engage in ten-pin bowling, relishing the fun and excitement it offers, especially the allure of arcade games.

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