Masroor Ahmed -Site Engineer

Masroor is a Site Engineer working on the Gippsland Line Upgrade project in Victoria.

Masroor is a Site Engineer currently working for Decmil as part of the VicConnect Alliance delivering the Gippsland Line Upgrade Project.

I like the challenges in engineering, and every time you resolve a challenge you learn something new.

Masroor moved to Australia with his family from Pakistan in 2009. Coming from a persecuted religious minority in Pakistan, getting out of Pakistan was a challenge for Masroor and his family.

Growing up, Masroor always enjoyed looking at buildings and roads and it always made him wonder how they are built. This curiosity led to Masroor pursuing civil engineering as a career.

Masroor went on to complete his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Melbourne, and then completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure) Honours at RMIT.

Masroor began working as an Engineering Cadet on the Mordialloc Freeway project through CareerSeekers – a non-profit organisation providing support to refugees and people seeking asylum who are currently studying at university or looking to restart their professional career in Australia.

Masroor appreciates the challenges that engineering brings and enjoys resolving the issues and challenges that arise. He says that these challenges lead to learning something new.

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