Noelia Lopez – Graduate Engineer

Noelia is a Graduate Engineer, who joined Decmil’s Graduate Development Program a year ago. She is currently assisting Decmil’s pre-contract team with tenders, and is on track to complete the Grad Program by the middle of this year.

I love the challenge of bringing a drawing or a scope of work to life! Construction is dynamic, allowing us to use our ingenuity to optimise what we are building and achieve the outcomes.

Noelia studied Civil Engineering in Argentina and then won a scholarship to study a Civil Engineer Master’s degree in Italy. Her studies in Italy involved primarily structural engineering, and after completing her studies in 2019 she returned to Argentina. Noelia commenced work in the construction industry in 2020, and in 2023 she took up the challenge to move to Australia with her brothers, who are also engineers, to continue her professional development in the construction industry. Noelia’s one brother is a Mechanical Engineer, and her other brother is a Biomedical Engineer.

Noelia began her career at Decmil working on the Gin Gin Freeway project, assisting the Project Manager with quality control. Noelia has also worked with the team on the NDA Washbay Project, assisting the Site Engineer. Currently Noelia is back in Decmil’s Queensland office assisting the pre-contracts teams across a variety of various bids in the resources and renewable energy sector. She was also involved in the ECI stage of the Eva Copper Village project, where she assisted the Project Manager with design document control, technical drawings and material take offs for the tender.

In 2023 Noelia participated in the Constructionarium Bridge Build Project in Queensland. The Constructionarium program was run across eight days and involved a cross industry cohort of people who worked collaboratively to plan and deliver their major project—a model bridge to be built in Hallam. This provided participants with a hands-on project in a live site environment experience, where they worked as a team to together plan, tender, build and handover a scale bridge project. Reflecting on her experience, Noelia expressed her gratitude in being involved in the program, saying, “It was a really nice experience to meet people from other companies and cultures and particularly other women in the industry. It was great to learn and share knowledge. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this program and I really enjoyed the learning experience as it enriched me a lot professionally and personally.”

Noelia says that she appreciates the opportunity of learning about construction in Australia, and is impressed with the high standards of safety and workmanship. She is looking forward to her next project and challenge with Decmil!

Noelia has a lot of different hobbies, and in her quest for knowledge she enjoys travelling in her spare time and learning different things.

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