Sam Wickramarachchi – Graduate Engineer

Sam is a Graduate Engineer, currently working on the Gippsland Line Upgrade Project in Victoria.

“My role provides me with the opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience in both civil engineering skills and project management skills.”

Growing up in a family that was involved in construction, it is no surprise that Sam aspired to be a Civil Engineer. Growing up he was surrounded by conversations involving infrastructure projects, and he witnessed firsthand the tangible impact of construction work. However, despite this background what really inspired him was a desire to explore new technologies and work across diverse environments. He knew that a career in civil engineering would provide him with enormous potential of continuous learning and professional growth.

Sam embarked on his career when he joined Decmil in December 2021 as a student engineer and went on to complete his studies and graduate as a Civil Engineer whilst working for Decmil. His first project was working on the Barwon Heads Upgrade Project in Melbourne, where he was excited to not only learn and develop as an engineer, but to also make a tangible contribution to the community through the infrastructure that was being delivered.

Sam is currently working on the Gippsland Line Upgrade Project, where his responsibilities span across civil works and traffic management. Sam says that his role provides him with a unique opportunity to contribute to a regional rail project while gaining invaluable practical experience in both civil engineering skills and project management skills. Sam enjoys the challenge of managing traffic within this project site. He plays a crucial role where he ensures that Traffic Management Plans are compliant with regulatory requirements and project specifications. He coordinates with relevant authorities and stakeholders to ensure the smooth flow of traffic in and around the construction site, minimising disruptions and enhancing safety for both workers and the public.

Sam comments that he enjoys the outstanding work culture at Decmil, which allows graduates to take on responsibilities to enhance their skills and progress in their careers while contributing meaningfully to the company’s success. For Sam, construction isn’t just a career, it’s a passion. He comments that it’s about-facing challenges with creativity and resilience. Sam says, “My advice for those just starting out in their construction career is to dive head-first into every aspect of construction. The broader your experience, the deeper your understanding and the richer your career will be. Embrace the learning curve – it’s steep but rewarding.”

Outside of construction and his daily work, Sam finds peace in embracing nature. He enjoys camping which allows his to reconnect to the simplicity and beauty of the natural world. Sam says that experiences such as casting a fishing line into a lake and sharing stories around a campfire remind him of the importance of balance, patience, and appreciation for the environment.

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