Stuart Schorer – Superintendent

Stuart is a Superintendent working on the Albany Ring Road project in Western Australia.

“If you knuckle down and work hard you can make a good living in the construction industry.”

Stuart began his career in construction in the infrastructure industry when he joined MacMahon in 2002 as a drainer. In 2007 he was responsible for managing drainage crews for construction works along the Mitchell Freeway in Perth. In 2008 Stuart began working on the earthworks side and was involved in several earthworks projects.

Stuart has been involved in several major construction projects, including the Mitchell Freeway with MacMahon, the Marradong Saddleback project with Brierty, the Great Northern Highway Upgrade with Ertech Bindi Bindi and a $4bn project with BHP Worsley that involved earthworks and constructing tunnels and bridges.

Stuart joined Decmil in 2019. His first renewable project was as a Superintendent working on the Yandin wind Farm, which is the biggest wind farm in Western Australia comprising 51 turbines – the biggest ever installed in Australia. At their highest point, the tip blades reach 180m into the air, and the rotor diameter is 150m.

Stuart is currently Superintendent on the Albany Ring Road Project, and his previous Decmil projects included both the Yandin Wind Farm project and the Warradarge Wind Farm project.

Stuart lives in Perth, but he has lived in Townsville and also in Gove in the Northern Territory, which is the most remote town that he has ever worked in. The Gove Peninsula is at the northeastern corner of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Stuart is married and has three kids, and he enjoys spending his spare time with his family.

Stuart enjoys working in the construction industry on various projects, and particularly enjoys working on regional remote projects and seeing the country. He likes meeting people from different backgrounds through the various project work that he does.

Stuart says that if you knuckle down and work hard you can make a good living in the construction industry.

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