Thomas Millard – Site Engineer

Thomas is currently the Site Engineer / Quality Manager working on the Ison Rd Rail Overpass project in Melbourne, Victoria.

The best part about working in construction is the completion of the job and knowing that you have been part of delivering that job.

Tom studied a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Professional) at Swinburne University. As part of this degree, it was a requirement to complete 12 months placement in industry – which led him to embark on his placement with Decmil. He joined Decmil in 2019 and his construction career began!

Over his career Tom has worked on major infrastructure projects, including Plenty Road Stage 2 and the Barwon Heads Road Upgrade. He is currently working on the Ison Road Rail Overpass. Tom says that working across various projects in several roles has provided him the opportunity to develop and grow as an engineer and expand his experience in the construction industry. For example, he has been involved not only in the different elements of construction, but also the quality management team.

Tom says that he enjoys working at Decmil because of the great team culture on each projects. Tom says, “I’ve been on projects that have been tough and on projects that have run smoothly and been very successful. The one thing that was consistent across the projects is the great relationships with the people.” Tom says that it makes your job easier when you come to work knowing that you’re working with your mates and when you get along with the people that you work with.

Tom says that the best part about working in construction is the completion of the job. He says that it’s a great accomplishment to travel past the infrastructure projects that you’ve worked on, and to remember the problems and experiences you’ve had along the way to achieve that project.

One of the biggest challenges for Tom, which is also one of his favourite memories, was working for Decmil on the 6-week shut down of Bridge Inn Road on PRU2. In 6 weeks the project team had to turn a single lane roundabout into a 5 lane functioning traffic signal intersection. Tom played a major role in this, looking after all of the earthworks and pavements. He says, “this job comprised 13-day fortnights, 24/7 works, managing two different crews of labour, ensuring handovers were done between shifts and ensuring the required import of materials to keep us moving. All of these challenges led to a feeling of success and accomplishment once the project was finished. Watching the first cars drive over the freshly laid asphalt was fantastic”.

Tom’s advice to those embarking on their construction career is to put yourself out there, put your hand up for every opportunity and task put in front of you and to have a crack. The best way to learn and develop is getting in and giving it a go!

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