Thomas Petering – Environmental Advisor

Thomas Petering is an Environmental Advisor on the Gippsland Line Upgrade (GLU) project in Victoria.

Learning from a wide variety of professionals is crucial for career growth, and surrounding yourself with individuals from different disciplines is important.

Thomas’s journey into the construction industry began after completing high school in his hometown of Murtoa in rural Victoria. Driven by a passion for both science and the great outdoors, he pursued a degree in Environmental Science at Swinburne University in Melbourne. While searching for a career path that aligned with his interests, Thomas attended a business meet and greet event where he connected with Decmil. This interaction led to a 12-month placement during his third year of studies, and he continued to work part-time at Decmil while completing his degree.

Joining Decmil in August 2019, Thomas has since contributed to several noteworthy projects. His portfolio includes involvement in the Plenty Road Stage 2, Structures Rehabilitation Program, Gippsland Line Upgrade, and various other projects. Thomas’s versatility and dedication have enabled him to tackle diverse challenges, consistently delivering exceptional results.

What Thomas enjoys most about working in construction is witnessing the entire process of building large-scale infrastructure projects, a passion he developed while assisting with construction projects on his family farm. He believes that learning from a wide variety of professionals is crucial for career growth, emphasising the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals from different disciplines. Thomas acknowledges the wealth of knowledge that can be gained from professionals in engineering, traffic management, communications, safety, and more.

Throughout his tenure at Decmil, Thomas has had several memorable experiences. He cherishes the camaraderie among his colleagues, emphasising the strong bond and teamwork within the company. Furthermore, he highlights the Structures Rehabilitation project as a particularly exciting endeavour. The dynamic nature of working on multiple scattered sites and managing quick turnovers kept him engaged and stimulated. He also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with a senior environmental professional, learning from their extensive experience.

On a personal note, Thomas indulges his love for the great outdoors through camping and hiking. He finds solace in nature and has recently explored breathtaking destinations such as Wilsons Prom and Grampians. In addition, Thomas shares a passion for supporting his favourite AFL team, North Melbourne, and frequently attends games with his housemates.

Thomas Petering’s unwavering commitment to environmental excellence, coupled with his diverse skill set and passion for construction, makes him an invaluable member of the Decmil team. His dedication and eagerness to learn serve as an inspiration to those embarking on a career in the construction industry.

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