Brisbane Airport Common User Satellite Upgrade


Shell Aviation


Brisbane, QLD


Lump Sum Fixed Price

Contract Value


Start Date

November 2011

Completion Date

December 2012
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Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) undertook an upgrade of the Domestic Common User (CUS) Satellite building, requiring the decommissioning of sections of the existing Joint User Hydrant Installation (JUHI) hydrant line.

Delivered in 2 stages, works involved the construction and commissioning of new sections of the hydrant line complete with 15 new aircraft fuelling points and a new major valve pit and associated facilities. 4 new hydrant points and a valve pit were constructed in Stage 1.

Decmil was contracted to supply all labour, equipment and materials for Stage 2; the installation of 11 new hydrant points HP5-15 and a new low point, LP1 in Bays 26-30.

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