Cox’s Bridge Upgrade




South Gippsland, Victoria


Construct Only

Contract Value

$29.1 Million

Start Date

August 2010

Completion Date

February 2013
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Decmil began work on the final stage of the VicRoads upgrade of the South Gippsland Highway between Sale and Longford in August 2010.

The scope of works included:

The Cox’s Bridge Upgrade that extends north from the northern end of the Swing Bridge Realignment to May Street in Sale, construction of a new 2.8km section of highway, construction of a new 450m bridge to replace the existing Cox’s Bridge and construction of a new 660m bridge beside the Thomson River.

VicRoads aim was to increase highway reliability with fewer closures due to flooding; improving the access between Sale and Longford and improved road safety and accessibility.

One of the considerations of the project has been the need to minimise the impact on the Sale Common which is protected under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Another constraint was the Thomson River Caravan Park.

One of the environmental challenges faced on this project has been the Acid Sulphate soil and water present onsite. Left undisturbed, these soils are harmless, but when excavated or drained the soil becomes contaminated and can corrode concrete and steel. Measures have been put in place to neutralise the soil and water before being incorporated within the earthworks and also protect the structures in contact with the soil and water.

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