Enhanced Land Force Stage 2C: Urban Operations Training Facility and Explosive Hazards Training Area


Australian Government Department of Defence


Wide Bay Training Area, Queensland


Design and Construct

Contract Value

$12.9 Million

Start Date

April 2015

Completion Date

July 2016
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The project involves the design and construction of purpose built facilities and supporting infrastructure within Wide Bay Training Area (WBTA) to allow military training in a simulated urban environment. Both the Urban Operations Training Facility (UOTF) and Explosive Hazards Training Area (EHTA) will include specially designed areas and buildings for collective training/debriefing; buildings for the monitoring of training; ablutions and amenities; external access and associated site services.

The project facilities include:

Urban Operations Training Facility:

The UOTF will support training scenarios in the clearance, capture in defence of various urban ‘zones’ including CBD; industrial; high and low density residential; marketplace; high density shanty town; and isolated out buildings, with manoeuvre on approach to the facilities being a key component.

Explosive Hazards Training Area:

The EHTA is adjacent to the main UOTF site and will assist with the training for real world scenarios relating to IEDs. The EHTA is to allow for a number of exercises on foot and with vehicles in various training zones including roads; bridge; paddocks; a mock orchard; culverts; and a water training area.

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