George Street Bridge




George Street, Dandenong, Victoria


Design and Construct

Contract Value

$11 Million

Completion Date

July 2010
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As Head Contractor of the George Street Bridge Project, our team were able to deliver a vital and aesthetically pleasing piece of new infrastructure which has assisted in the revitalisation of the surrounding Dandenong City area. Now known as Stockmans Bridge.

The bridge itself is a continuous two span bridge with reinforced earth abutments, a central precast pier connected by a cast in-situ diaphragm beam connection.

Juggling the competing priorities inherent with its location over the Melbourne Metro railway line and adjacent to large redevelopments by VicUrban and The City of Greater Dandenong added an additional layer of complexity to the project’s delivery.

Installing exceedingly long (42.7m) span beams over rail, coordinating the protection of a gas main and ensuring minimal vibration of works so as not to interfere with sensitive rail equipment added additional project complexity which our team negotiated through rigorous systems adherence and innovative delivery methods.

All concrete removed from the site was recycled into road making materials. Crush rock removed from the existing roads was re-cycled in the hardstand areas. The steel removed from the old pedestrian underpass and from old rail gantries was taken to a recycling facility for treatment.

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