Harbour Esplanade Redevelopment

The project has created a more pedestrian-friendly area and reduced the traffic flow volume by reducing the number of trafficable lanes.

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Melbourne City Council and Vic Urban


Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria


Construct - Only

Contract Value

$9.2 Million

Completion Date

September 2011

The Harbour Esplanade Redevelopment project was the first stage of the Docklands redevelopment and was critical in realising the Docklands vision for Vic Urban and Melbourne City Council.

  • Installation of communications and electrical conduiting
  • Installation of asphalt and bluestone pavement
  • Associated road works to match in with the new Tram Reserve in the median
  • Constructing a dedicated bicycle and pedestrian path along the Esplanade
  • Installation of extensive bluestone and granite footpath pavement
  •  Relocation of existing Canary Island Palms to allow for the new tram reserve
  •  Streetscape and planting of over 200 mature Norfolk Island Pines
  •  Pedestrian operated signals and
  •  A series of information and way-finding sign were also installed.

The central location of this streetscape project, adjacent to Melbourne CBD and next to the Docklands Etihad stadium put the project under close scrutiny from the public, however, we overcame the number of challenges to deliver a successful project.

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