Ison Road Overpass Project


Major Road Projects Victoria


Werribee, VIC


Design & Construct

Contract Value

$78 Million

Start Date

Dec 2023

Completion Date

Current (expected completion May 2025)
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The Ison Road Project encompasses the provision of a new road overpass for the Melbourne-Geelong rail line that will connect Ison Road in the north with the Ison Road extension to the south at Browns Road. Works include the construction of a new four-lane dual carriageway with a dual span overpass crossing over the Geelong-Melbourne Rail line.

This is the third project Decmil has been awarded as part of MRPV’s new Program Delivery Approach, which has a strong focus on collaborative, panel-based procurement during the tender phase leading to the delivery works.

Scope of Works

The scope of work for this project comprises the survey, investigation, design and construction of roadworks and bridgeworks associated with the Ison Road Overpass project. The project scope includes a new four lane dual carriageway between Bulban Road (East) and Browns Road with a dual span overpass crossing over the Geelong-Melbourne Rail line. The scope also includes bridge deck and embankments allowing for a future ultimate 6 traffic lanes, a new shared user paths along the alignment, and a dedicated cyclist path in front of the northern abutment, tying into the old Bulban Road at east/west limit of works; and new street lighting, road signage, drainage, and landscaping.

Works to be completed by Decmil include:


  • provision of an overpass over the Geelong-Melbourne rail line
  • bridge girders to span an ultimate 8 tracks, 4 each side of the central pier
  • retaining walls and visual/anti-throw screens
  • on and off structure concrete barriers
  • design and construction of Rail Infrastructure associated with the project.


  • new four-lane road (two lanes in each direction, with allowance for future six traffic lanes
  • clearing and Grubbing works
  • construction of earthworks formation
  • pavement construction utilising deep strength asphalt pavements
  • median and roadside barriers.


  • stormwater drainage, subsurface drainage,
  • flood mitigation treatments
  • water Sensitive Urban Design and associated infrastructure.


  • proving, relocation and/or protection of Utility Services
  • rail ancillary works including protection or relocation of existing rail infrastructure
  • pavement markings including installation of raised reflective pavement markers
  • installation of Road Furniture (e.g. Signs, Guideposts, removal of fencing etc)
  • landscaping and urban design works
  • public lighting works
  • property Inspections
  • shared user path.

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