Hope Downs Village


Hamersley Iron


Pilbara, West


Design and Construct

Contract Value

$44 Million

Completion Date

February 2007
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Decmil was awarded two design and construct contracts simultaneously by Hamersley Iron.

The works included supplying and installing a temporary construction village and installing the in-ground services for the temporary and permanent villages for the Lang Hancock Railway Project at the Hope Downs site north of Newman. In addition, Decmil constructed the permanent village consisting of 352 en-suited concrete floored accommodation rooms, permanent kitchen and dining facilities plus a licensed wet mess and other facilities including the supply and installation of a 14MW power station. The works were progressively handed over to the client to allow rail construction to commence.

Major preparation works at both sites was required, such as clearing, grubbing, importation of 80,000 cubic metres of fill from borrow pits, excavation of 190,000 cubic metres of fill, of which 2,000 cubic metres was rock. Decmil also constructed roads to Main Roads WA standards with over 25,000 square metres of concrete asphalt being supplied and laid.

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