Leakes Road Interchange




Western Highway, Rockbank, Victoria


Design and Construct

Contract Value

$16.9 Million

Completion Date

July 2008
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The design and construction of the Leakes Road Interchange was an essential portion of the Deer Park Bypass Project, jointly funded by the Victorian and Federal Governments.

The new grade separated full interchange featured construction of a two-lane bridge over the busy Western Highway, and access ramps to enter and exit the highway in both directions framed in a classic diamond formation.

Delivering key safety benefits for the local Rockbank Community, the project facilitated easy, safe access to the Western Highway – the principal road link between Melbourne and Adelaide.
This well worn path, at Deer Park, is frequented by more than 70,000 vehicles per day, with approximately10 percent of which are heavy vehicles. Naturally solid traffic management was crucial to the successful delivery of the Project.

Our experienced project management team were able to deliver construction with a combined 24 hours of detours. These detours were required on two separate nights to facilitate the positioning of cranes to undertake the bridge beam lifts. So as to minimise the impact on traffic, the bridge’s central pier was constructed during full traffic flows through the deployment of a construction island within the roadway.

Our project management team were able to deliver construction without any freeway closures and only a combined 24 hours of detours. The Project was also completed 5 months ahead of schedule.

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