Nettle Creek Bridge


Department of Transport and Main Roads, Qld


Innot Hot Springs, Qld



Contract Value

$2.7 Million

Start Date

April 2014

Completion Date

August 2014
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This project involved the construction of a prestressed concrete bridge and approaches to Nettle Creek in the Town of Innot Hot Springs. Three intersections were reconstructed at grade and surface channel work was undertaken to both sides of the newly-configured roadway.

Bridge abutments constructed from general and select fill material with stone pitching protection. A number of medium-sized culverts were installed across the project, all RCPs. Included in the roadworks were street lighting, guardrail, signage and other forms of road furniture. Services including electrical works, with communications required to be relocated from their existing location to the new bridge.

The traffic management for the project required a number of traffic switches from exiting alignment to temporary alignment to permanent alignment. The project required a substantial temporary side track to be installed to remove traffic from the existing bridge to enable removal of the existing bridge and construction of the new bridge.

The bridge construction required a number of controls to be setup and managed throughout the duration of the project. As the bridge was constructed over Nettle Creek, which generally runs dry in the dry months, heavy rain could result in it rising quickly. Environmental controls such as standby pumps, sediment catches and temporary drainage were set up for rain events.

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