Princes Highway East Duplication (Sheepwash Creek)


VIC Roads


Flynn, VIC


Construct Only

Contract Value

$22.1 Million

Start Date

November 2016

Completion Date

February 2019
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Decmil was awarded the duplication of approximately 4.3km of the Princes Highway East and construction of two reinforced concrete bridge structures over Sheepwash Creek between Minniedale Road Traralgon East and 1.0km east of Sheepwash Creek Road, Flynn.

The construct only contract involved the duplication of approximately 4.3kms of the Princes Highway East between Minniedale Road and approximately 1km east of Sheepwash Creek Road. The project has improved road safety in Traralgon East and provided safer access to adjacent properties and vehicles accessing side roads.

The project featured the demolition of existing Sheepwash Creek bridge structure, redundant Regional Outfall Sewer (ROS) and Rosedale Rising Main (RRM) sewer pipelines, as well as the construction of two reinforced concrete bridge structures over Sheepwash Creek.

The works also involved the management of service relocation and protection works interfacing with key authorities such as Sewer, Telstra, Electricity, Oil and Gas.

The project team faced sensitive flora and fauna habitat sites including the Dwarf Galaxias in which the breeding period took place between August to September, and therefore no construction was to take place in the waterways.

The project was delivered on budget and 10 weeks ahead of schedule.

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