Sneydes Road Interchange




Sneydes Road, Werribee, Victoria


Design and Construct

Contract Value

$46.5 Million

Start Date

August 2004

Completion Date

October 2016
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The design and construction upgrade of the Sneydes Road Interchange along the Princes Freeway demonstrates Decmil’s capability to construct and deliver complex infrastructure projects to award winning standards.

With the Princes Freeway being the principal road link between Melbourne and Geelong and Sneydes Road the local connector route between east and west Werribee, sound traffic management as well as comprehensive stakeholder and community engagement were critical project success considerations.

The upgrade works required the existing Sneydes Rd Bridge be demolished. A critical safety consideration during demolition of the existing structure and prior to reopening the freeway was to obtain daily certification by an independent structural engineer of the remaining structure rendering the bridge safe for the freeway to resume operations. Given the uncertainty regarding the structural integrity of the remaining structure, C&F proposed demolishing the spans over the Princes Freeway in a single 12 night hour shift thereby eliminating the need for the daily certification by the independent structural engineer and, ensuring safe passage for freeway users upon reopening.

Completing a project of this magnitude and complexity on one of the state’s busiest thoroughfares meant the Project team continuously sought improvement and innovative opportunities.

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